Saturday, July 21, 2007

Gotta brag for a bit.....

So I've been sooo excited this week that my landscaping is just about DONE!!!! With everything that is going on right now its really calming and nice to know that I'm able to get my landscaping done. It isn't cheep WOW!! Thank god I have the best daddy in the world to help me!!! Its not done yet, but since everyone is gone today and the plants were just planted I had to show it off to my stamper friends!

When I designed my house I just KNEW I had to have a courtyard. I always wanted a grand entrance to my house full of flowers and beauty. Well that isn't so easy in the desert so I thought If I build a courtyard around the front of my house it would help with rabbits, etc.

Here is stepping outside into the courtyard from my front door!

This is my front yard looking at the courtyard. The sod is suppose to be delivered Monday morning at 4 am I believe. Then the rock will be delivered Tuesday. The rock is going to go from the sod to the street!

I special ordered two palm tree plants that should be in next week to go into the two planters that you see here!! Ahhh I can't wait! I'm soooo EXCITED!!!!!


Erica Payne said...

Wow! YOur house looks big. If I were having my dad build it, mine would be big too. Can't wait to see the landscaping all done and it full bloom. It will be so pretty.

JAR said...

I love your pictures! I can picture where you are now!! Please post more when you get the rock and sod. I LOVE your courtyard!!

Jenn D said...

Good Luck with the landscaping. I know how expensive it can get because we just had a few things done around here. The house looks wonderful!

Jenn D

Tammy said...

Amanda, this will all look so fabulous! Be sure to post the finished results! This makes me miss my cousin and the times I used to go visit her in Arizona! Your house reminds me of hers!