Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I need RAKS, please

Hi everyone!! I've been meaning to put up a request for a couple days now, but felt a little weird about it. My wonderful Stalker friends have convinced me to do it.

First off my wonderful Great Grandma, Nana. She loves receiving my cards and I feel like over the next couple of weeks she will need them. She has cancer and it has taken over her body. She is 89. I just really hope she can make it through this!!!

Even if you cannot send a card, a prayer would be wonderful :)

Secondly, my grandpa, whom I call Poppy. I work with him everyday and he has so much strive and knowledge. We have spent the last couple days with him in the hospital and he has finally been able to come home. The doctors say he may be showing signs of Parkinson's Disease, but for now his Sinus' are failing.

Any RAKS, would be soooo appreciated!!

Please leave a comment if you would like there address.


Michelle said...

I got here through Allison's site. If you do want some cards sent, I would love to help.
If you go to my blog, there is contact information.
In the meantime, saying prayers...

Jennifer Nellenback said...

I too got here from Allison's site. If you want some of my cards, I have tons! Let me know at jennifernellenback@hotmail.com. I know what you are going through and would love to help out a stamper in need. I hope everything goes well and they are in our prayers.

Allison said...

Sure...send their address to me via allison.fillo@gmail.com.

stampinsars said...

Hi Amanda,
If you send me her address I would love to send her a card. You can go to my blog or email me at stampinsars@hotmail.com