Thursday, June 21, 2007


Yesterday I was sooo excited. I got two RAK's in the mail.

This one is from my amazing gma Faith, AKA Markies Mom. She really isn't my gma, although I wish she was. She is such an amazing person. She is so full of spunk!! Her cards are amazing. You can visit her blog HERE.

This beachabella is from my dear blog buddy Erica. She has so many amazing cards and images. She just loves to shower me with them!!! She sent me this card with a bunch of fellas in it!! She rocks!!! Her blog can be found HERE.

Thanks so much Faith and Erica for making my day!!! Love ya both!!!!


Markie's Mom said...

Hi! Wow, you are now putting my cards on your blog! HEHEHEHEHE I love the can and Erica's Bella card, too! WOW!

Erica Payne said...

Glad you're enjoying those fellas. Let me know when you run low. I love sending RAK's to you!! Great fishafella card!